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All of eMule's settings are stored in the preferences.ini file. The important options are easily accessible through the Preferences dialog but the preferences.ini file gives access to some more. To access those the preferences.ini file has to be opened in an editor and changed manually. Working in *.ini files is for advanced users as wrong entries quickly produce unwanted effects. If an entry does not exist per default it will have to be added manually in the correct section of the file. Close eMule before editing. Most of the settings are advanced settings or only development relevant. Do not change them if you do not know what they mean.
The default values are given first in each header.

Note on Unicode and Windows Notepad:
When the eMule nick name or the IRC nick name contains Unicode characters and the preferences.ini file is edited with Notepad it will try to save the whole file in Unicode format, rendering it useless for eMule. Make sure to change the document type to ANSI in the "Save As" dialog of Notepad to avoid the effect.

Section: [emule]

o TxtEditor=notepad.exe

The default program for editing the Webservices and IPFilter.dat may be entered here. Provide the complete path to the new executable if not using the default notpad.exe.

o DateTimeFormat4Log, DateTimeFormat4Lists, DateTimeFormat=%A, %x, %X
This string defines how date and time is displayed in eMule. DateTimeFormat4Lists affects only dates displayed in lists, DateTimeFormat4Log sets the format for the Log and Verbose Log while DateTimeFormat is used for all other dates shown in eMule (for example in dialogs). See this msn article for a detailed description of all possible formatting codes.

o MaxLogBuff=64 | 128 (v0.30a+)
Defines the amount of system memory eMule uses to display the logs. For Windows 98 | ME a default of 64 kB is reserved, for Win 2k|XP it is 128 kB. In Win98|ME the buffer may not be larger than 64 kB. The logs are rotating, i.e. if the buffer is filled up to its limit an old message is purged when a new one arrives (FIFO).

o MaxChatHistoryLines=100
Defines the maximum number of lines saved in the history of the irc | messages. After this value is reached the oldest message is purged on new entry (FIFO - First In First Out).

o ExtractMetaData=2|1|0
Controls, how MetaData will be read from files. (v0.30a+)
0: disabled
1: enabled for MP3 and AVI files
2: default, enable for MP3, AVI, MPEG and other files

o ServerUDPPort=65535

Normally the local port for asking servers for sources or searching files on them is randomly chosen (see topic ports #6). If eMule is run on a machine in a more complex network, especially when proxies are used, it may be necessary to fix this port to a defined value or to deactivate it at all. Disabling this port means that eMule will no longer be able to update the status of the servers in its server list and will also not be able to receive sources from them nor do a global search. Exempt from this is the server eMule is actually connected to. Usually the default setting should not be changed.
Possible values for ServerUDPPort are:

0 Disabled
1 - 65534 fixed local UDP port
65535 random port (default)

o PreviewSmallBlocks=0|1
This function should be only activated (=1) when using VLC - VideoLAN Client to preview files. It allows to preview multimedia files when at least 16 kB data for .mpeg files or 256 kB data for all other multimedia content (.avi, CD-Images with multimedia content) has been downloaded. For more information see Preferences -> Files -> Video Player and the topic Previewing Files. Using this option the Create backup for preview setting has to be deactivated in the Video Player dialog.

o RestoreLastMainWndDlg=0|1
If RestoreLastMainWndDlg=1 is added to the preferences.ini, eMule remembers which of the main windows (Kademlia, Server, Transfer, was open, when before application exit and restores it.

o RestoreLastLogPane=0|1
Same setting as RestoreLastMainWndDlg but remember which of the log panes (Log, Verbose) has been used the last session.

o RemoveFilesToBin=1|0
This setting affects the Delete From Disk function in the right click menu of the Shared Files main window. If set to disabled (=0) then files will be permanently deleted from disk without moving them to the recycle bin.

o PreviewCopiedArchives=1|0
When this option is disabled (=0), eMule will use a new preview method which is faster and uses less disk space in the temporary folder. Feedbacks for this new version are welcome.

o ShowActiveDownloadsBold=0|1
Will print the text of currently downloading files in bold letters.

o StraightWindowStyles=0|1
Changes the look of the statistic graph window and some other minor styles stuff.

o RTLWindowsLayout=0|1
Adds right-to-left reading support to eMule. Useful for languages like Hebrew etc.

o LogFileFormat=0|1
Changes the data format of the log files from unicode to UTF8 when set to 1.

o PreviewOnIconDblClk=0|1
If this setting is enabled a double click on a file's icon in the transfer list will invoke the preview command. This will only work if Download list doubelclick to expand is turned off in Preferences -> Display.

o InternetSecurityZone=Untrusted|Internet|Intranet|Trusted|LocalMachine
Security Zones as per Internet Explorer Security settings. Defines which features are allowed in HTML code. Relevant for the MiniMule window.

o MiniMule=1|0
Left clicking on the eMule's tray icon will show a neat little status window called MiniMule. Setting this ini value to 0 will disable it.

o MiniMuleAutoClose=0|1
The MiniMule window will usually remain visible until closed. Setting this value to 0 will automatically close the window when the cursor is moved out of the window. Similar to a tooltip.

o MiniMuleTransparency=<0-100>
Controls the transparency of the MiniMule window. 0 means opaque and 100 is tanslucent.

o ShowCopyEd2kLinkCmd=0|1
If enabled, all "eD2K-Link" context menus are no longer showing the eD2K-Link dialog, but copy the links directly to the clipboard.

o InspectAllFileTypes=0|1
Makes eMule inspect all files to collect metadata instead only those with known extensions. This might increase the risk of crashs if there are bugs in any of the installed codecs/libraries which are used to read the file.

o AdjustNTFSDaylightFileTime=1|0
By default eMule taks the daylight saving time into account when determining if the filetime has changed and a rehash is needed. You can disable this behavior with this setting, which may however lead to a rehash of all files on the Daylight saving time switching dates.

o CreateCrashDump=0|1
When this key is enabled (1) eMule will automatically save a crash dump should eMule unexpectedly crash. This can help the developers to track down the problem. The dumps are saved in eMule's installation folder, called "eMule .dmp". Should you have crash problems set this key to 1 and send this file to

o FileBufferTimeLimit=60
When downloading files the received data is stored in a buffer and only written to the diskwhen reaching a certain size (can be adjusted inOptions->Extended) or aftertoo muchtime has elapsed since the last flushing. This option allows you toadjust this time limit in seconds.

o CryptTCPPaddingLength=128|<0-254>
When protocol obfuscation is enabled, on each new TCP connection some random data with random length is sent to avoid pattern recognition detection techniques. This setting allows you to set the maximum length (of which a random value will be used) of the padding data. Increasing the value makes eMule more robust against pattern recognition but also increases the overhead.

o PartiallyPurgeOldKnownFiles=1|0
All files whichwere once shared or downloaded are remembered by eMule except if you have the "Remember downloaded files" option disabled inOptions->Files. However after eMule didn't saw (shared) this file for more than one month some information like the AICH hashset, metadata etc are deleted to save ressources. This option allows you to disable this purging.

o RearrangeKadSearchKeywords=1|0
When doing a search on the Kad network, eMule rearranges the keywords you used to achieve the best search results as well as trying to load balance searches in the network. In most cases this will increase the result quality, however if you are aware how the Kad search works and want to keep full control over which node eMule will ask for results, you can disable the function here.

o UseSystemFontForMainControls=0|1
Makes eMule use system fonts for all main controls. This way one can specify larger fonts for almost all eMule lists via the Windows System Metrics.

o UserSortedServerList=0|1
When connecting to the ED2K-Network, a random order is used to choose which servers to try first for load balancing reasons. This option allows you to disable the randomness and eMule will use the same server list sorting as shown in GUI when trying to connect to a server.

o HighresTimer=0|1
Option to make eMule use highres scheduling (better precision for sleeps and some timers). Currently the upload throttler takes advantage of it if enabled, which may give smoother upload performance and smoother pings while using eMule.

o BindAddr=
Binds eD2K/Kad+WebServer sockets to specified IP address which is usefull if you have multiple local IPs.

o IconflashOnNewMessage=0|1
The setting enables or disables the flashing of the systray icon on a new incomming message.

o ExtraPreviewWithMenu=0|1
When enabled it makes eMule put the "Preview with" command into the root context menu rather than into the preview menu of the downloadlist (only applies to extended controls with multiple preview programs set).

o ForceSpeedsToKB=0|1
Makes eMule always display all speed values in KB/s (instead of B/s to TB/s depending on the speed).

o KeepUnavailableFixedSharedDirs=0|1
Lets eMule keep shared directories on fixed drives even if they are not found or presentanymore instead of removing them from the shared directories list. This can be useful when using an extern hard disk which is not always connected.

o BeepOnError=1|0
If an error or file corruption is encountered the PC speaker will beep to alert you.

Section: [Perflog]

o File=D:\Path\to\datafile\perflog.csv
If MRTG is used to graph eMule's performance, this entry denotes the path and filename to save the performance data in. Usually this is set by the MuleMRTG Installer and there is no need to change it. If changed MuleMRTG will have to be reinstalled.

o Mode=1
Sets the sampling mode for data collection. If used with MuleMRTG it must be set to 1.

Section: [UPnP]

o DisableMiniUPNPLibImpl=0|1, DisableWinServImpl=0|1
eMule contains different UPnP implementations in order to be compatible with as many routers as possible. While by default all implementations are tested untill one succeeds, these settings allow you to disable single implementations for example if they cause any trouble.

Section: [WebServer]

o MaxFileUploadSizeMB=5
Sets the filesize limit for remotely downloading a (completed) file from the Webinterface. Using 0 will disable the limit.

o AllowedIPs=[;]
Allows you to restrict access to the Webinterface to certain IPs (additional to the password authentification)

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