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Credit System HelpNAV
The credit system is used to reward users contributing to the network, i.e. uploading to other clients.
The strict queue system in eMule is based on the waiting time a user has spent in the queue. The credit system provides a major modifier to this waiting time by taking the upload and download between the two clients into consideration. The more a user uploads to a client the faster he advances in this client's queue.
The modifiers are calculated from the amount of transferred data between the two clients. The values used can be seen in the client's details dialog. To view this information, right click on any user and choose View Details.

There are two different credit modifier calculated:
  Ratio1 = Uploaded Total x 2 / Downloaded Total
  Ratio2 = SQRT(Uploaded Total + 2)
Both ratios are compared and the lower value is used as modifier.
Some boundary conditions also exist:
  > Uploaded Total < 1MB => Modifier = 1
  > Downloaded Total = 0 => Modifier = 10
  > The modifier may not be lower than 1 or higher than 10

> All Clients uploading to you are rewarded by the credit system. It does not matter if the client supports the credit system or not.
> Not supporting clients will grant you no credits when you upload to them.
> Credits are not global. They are exchanged between two specific clients
> Credits are stored in the clients.met file. The unique user hash is used to identify the client.
> Your own credits are saved by the client who owes you the credit. This prevents faking the credits.
> Your own credits cannot be displayed

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