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Dynamic DNS Resolution HelpNAV

Dynamic IP is a way to increase the pool of limited IP addressees (theoretically 2^32) in the World Wide Web. Many ISPs use this system, cutting the connection after a set period thus forcing a redial and a newly assigned IP.

This is bad for the server because the server looses its unique address, which was known in the network and all its users.

Many free web services offer a way to solve this by allowing static host names for dynamic IP addresses.

Enter [emDynIP:] as welcome message in the dserver.
For a server with default settings, the port would be 4661.

This will instruct eMule to use the static host name instead of the dynamic IP when connecting.
It also offers the advantage of adding the host name to staticservers.dat so its address never gets lost.

> The length of the static host name must be smaller than 51 letters.
> This only applies to people running a server for the network. If you are running the eMule client, it's of no use for you.
> Big kudos to all people running a dserver. You're doing a great service for the community.

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