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After a bad crash download(s) may suddenly vanish from the list although their files are still in the temporary folder. This happens if a *.part.met gets corrupted.

Quit eMule before taking any recovery actions.
To make sure that everything is properly set up check Preferences -> Directories. The correct path to the temporary folder has to be entered.

eMule automatically creates backups (*.part.met.BAK) of all *.part.met files. If there are any differences in size or last modification (right mouse button click on the file -> Properties) delete the *.part.met file and rename the corresponding backup.

Recovery Tools
The Tools chapter holds some links to recovery tools. Backup the *.met and *.part files before attempting to recover them. Changes cannot be undone.

Manual Moving
In some rare cases a *.part.met file is so badly damages that it will prevent other files from loading. By adding the files one by one the damaged download can be identified and removed/recovered

1. Move all files from the temporary folder to a backup folder
2. Move one *.part and corresponding *.part.met back to the temporary folder
3. Start eMule and check if the download was correctly added to the list
4. Close eMule
5. Repeat steps 2. - 4. until the corrupt download(s) have been found
6. Either delete or try to recover the corrupt downloads with a recovery tool

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